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Pawn Your Car and Still Drive it!

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Loan On Cars

Loan On Cars knows your paid-up car is a very important asset in your life and we understand that you cannot operate in your day to day routine without your car.


Your paid-up vehicle can also unlock valuable cashflow for you short-term cashflow problem.


At Loan On Cars we free up money against your car and you still get to drive it!.

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Need Cash Today?

Loan On Cars gives you a quick and efficient way to raise emergency funding against your moveable assets to help you improve your short term cash flow. You also still drive your vehicle for the contract period until the advance is paid up!

Bring in your car

We evaluate it

Get your much needed cash in 1hr

How It Works

Qualifying Requirements
Qualifying Requirements
  • Car needs to be Fully-Paid Up

  • Car must be Registered in your name (both owner and title)

  • You must have the Original RC1 (car ownership papers)

  • Valid South Africa Identification or Traffic Registrar ID Document

  • Recent Proof of address (No Older than 3 Months)

  • Valid RSA Drivers License

  • Spare key if available

  • Insurance if available

  • Service book if available

  • Car Models: 2014 & above

Our Satisfied Clients

What an excellent company to deal with


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